I Was a Hardcore Bike and Now I'm Just a Hobbyist

I used to be a total hog rider. I was the typical cycler with leather outfit and the unkempt hair. I didn't even own a car even though I dwelled in a colder climate. Times have taken a hard right turn. My wife, not a motorcycle, is now what I focus on.

Even though my current living situation I still miss times on my motorcycle. And mini-van doesn't fulfill my lust for the open road. Instead, take the occasional road trip. In lieu of purchasing a bike, I now borrow an awesome motorcycle.

Renting does allow for some advantages. One, I save on expensive maintenance costs. Two, the old ball and chain doesn't hassle me about the time my bike and I spend together. And lastly, I can try out a wide array of motorcycles at a single store. They even display some smooth looking four wheelers I'd like to tryout someday...if my family lets me. Life is better with motorcycle financing Leesburg, VA.

motorcycle financing Leesburg, VA